You should read the Physics Introduction before you continue here.

In this section we will discuss some of the Samples in more detail.

You can download the Physics Sample projects from the Download Tab: Help → Download Sample Projects

Where to find the samples

After you have downloaded the Physics Sample Project, you can open it:

Where to find the scene

The Scenes folder contains all sample scenes (entities). Double click on a sample scene of your choice to load it.

Each of the Sample Scenes is composed of multiple Entity Prototypes. You can find them in the Special Objects or in the Shapes folder:

Special Objects folder

Special Objects are entities with Graph Components attached that have associated logic.

Shapes are reused Entities to demonstrate different kind of Physic Bodies.

Note: If you change the Prototypes, all the instances will change as well. Keep this in mind when playing around with the samples. If you mess things up, you can always re-download a fresh sample project.