About Tabs

The Machinery is based around a collection of editing Tabs, each with its specific purpose. You can drag the tabs around to rearrange them. Use the Tab menu to open new tabs. It is possible to have multiple tabs of the same type.

Table of Content

About Tab-Wells

Windows in The Machinery have a root tab-well covering the whole window. A tab-wells are rectangular areas containing one or more tabs. You can split them either horizontally or vertically to form two-child tab-wells. Also, you can switch around tabs within a tab-well via the keyboard using Ctrl + 1-9 or via Ctrl Page Up/Down.

Pinning tabs

You can also pin tabs to the current content or other settings with the pin icon.

It is also possible to use the context menu if you click on the tab label:

right click on the tab label will show this.

Pinning options

In the context menu, you have more options for pinning. These allow you to manage and arrange the window layout in a way that suits your workflow. The following table will show all the possible options:

Pin via icon ⚲Will pin the tab to the current shown content
Pin to View 🗖This Pins the tab's content to another tab view that is currently open in the current window. You can pin a tab to multiple other tabs at the same time.
Pin to Window 🗗It pins the current tab to the selected window. For example, if you pin the Properties tab to Window 2. and choose an asset from the Asset Browser, the properties tab in Window 1. will display the selected asset.

Besides, it is possible to extend the Engine with custom tabs. You can do this via the File → New Plugin → Editor Tabs. How to write your custom tab is out of the scope of this article but is covered here.

Keyboard bindings

Ctrl + TabSwitch between tabs
Ctrl + 1-9Switch between tabs in current tab well
Ctrl + Page up/DownSwitch between tabs in current tab well