Simulate Tab

In The Machinery, we make a distinction between simulating and editing. When you are editing, you see a static view of the scene. (Editing the scene with everything moving around would be very tricky.) all the runtime behaviors like physics, animation, destruction, entity spawning, etc., are disabled. If you are building a game, the simulation mode will correspond to running the game. In contrast, when you are simulating or running, all the dynamic behaviors are enabled. It allows you to see the runtime behavior of your entities. To simulate a scene, open a scene in the Simulate tab.

Control over your simulation While your simulation is running, you can Stop, reset or speed up the simulation.

If your scene contains multiple cameras, you can pick between them via the camera toolbar.The default camera is a free flight camera.

In the same toolbar, you can enable Debug-Rendering-Tags from various components. For example, it will render a box around the Volume Component from the Volume Component if enabled.

Within this toolbar, you also find the statistic button to open several overlays, such as Frame Time.

Besides those options, you have the Render option, which allows for the same options as in the Scene Tab.