We provide three different liceneses:

  • The Indie Free license is completely free for indie developers and includes all of The Machinery, except for the source code. It does come with full SDK to make new plugins as well as some sample plugins and the source code for the high-level parts of our rendering pipeline.

  • The Indie Pro license is the same as Indie Free, but also includes the full source code of the engine and all associated tools. Price: $100 / user / year.

  • The Business version is aimed towards larger businesses. Feature wise it is the same as Indie Pro, but comes with prioritized support. Price: $900 / user / year.

The definition of "larger business" above is any company with a yearly revenue exceeding $100K, in which case you are not eligible to buying the Indie Pro license.

All of the licenses allow for full royalty-free use of The Machinery. You can build and sell commercial games, tools, applications, and plugins. For more details, see our pricing page.

When you download The Machinery, you will be on the Indie Free license. If you do not fall in the "indie" category, you can still use this license to evaluate The Machinery, but you need to buy a business license to put it into production.

2021 Early Adopter Program FAQ

I bought an early adopters license, will I continue to pay the discounted price when my subscription renews?

Yes, as long as you don't cancel your subscription, you will continue to pay the discounted price for the next 5 years.