Contents of the binary distribution

For those who use the binary distribution, i.e. downloaded a prebuilt packageo of the engine, this page describes that contents of that package.

bin/The headers, libraries, and DLLs that make up The Machinery SDK.
bin/the‑machinery.exeThe Machinery's main editor.
doc/SDK documentation.
samples/Sample code that shows how to extend the editor and SDK with plugins, as well as how to build new executables on top of The Machinery.
code/For reference: code for our utility programs.
bin/simple‑draw.exeA simple drawing program built on top of the SDK.
bin/simple-3d.exeA simple 3D viewport built on top of the SDK.
bin/tmbuild.exeOur build tool, that can be used to build samples and plugins.
bin/docgen.exeOur tool for generating documentation.
bin/hash.exeOur tool for generating static hash strings.
bin/localize.exeOur tool for generating localization data.
bin/runner.exeAn executable that can load a The Machinery project and do what Simulate Tab does, but stand-alone. It is copied whenever you Publish a project from within The Machinery.
utils/.clang-formatThe clang-format settings we use to format our code.
utils/pre-commitThe pre-commit hook we use in our git repository to auto-format the code.
utils/enable-full-dumps.regA registry file that enables full crash dumps (see below).

You can use the Download tab inside The Machinery to download sample projects for the engine.

Here's a list of the sample projects that are available:

AnimationA sample project that features an animated character.
Creation GraphsSample use of creation graphs.
Gameplay First PersonA sample first-person game.
Gameplay Interaction SystemA sample first-person game with intractable entities.
Gameplay Third PersonA sample third-person game.
Modular Dungeon KitA sample modular project that lets you compose dungeon scenes out of modular components.
PhysicsA sample project that demonstrates the use of physics.
PongA sample visual scripting and gameplay project.
Ray Tracing: Hello TriangleA sample project showing how to use the ray tracing APIs.
SoundA sample project demonstrating sound playback.
All Sample ProjectsA zip containing all sample projects.

The All Sample Projects download contains all these projects, and also some sample engine plugins that can get you started with extending the engine.

Note that some of the content in these projects was created by other people and licensed under Creative Common or other licenses. See the *-license.txt files in the projects for attribution and license information.

The editor that is included allows you to:

  • Import various types of DCC assets (FBX, GLTF, etc).
  • Create simple entities/scenes by placing and arranging assets.
  • Add scripted behaviors to entities using the visual scripting language in the Entity Graphs.
  • Add physics collision to objects and modify their physical properties.
  • Import animations and create advanced animation setups as an Animation State Machine.
  • Import WAV files and play them or place them on entities.
  • Run and simulate these behaviors using the Simulate tab.
  • Extend the engine and the editor with your own plugins that implement new editor tabs, entity components, gameplay code, etc.
  • Write your own applications, using The Machinery as an SDK.