The Entity Graph has a Debugger. You can use this Debugger to inspect the current values or set a breakpoint to see if the Graph behaves the way it should. Besides the graph indicated if a node is executed by a highlighted border!

Note: The Debugger only works if the simulate tab and the graph tab are open at the same time!

You can find the Debugger when you click on the button in the upper toolbar with the bug symbol (1). It will open the Debugger Overlay. Besides the "Bug" button, you can find a dropdown menu (2). This dropdown menu lets you switch between Graph instances quickly. This is useful if the Graph is part of an Entity Prototype or itself a Subgraph prototype!

Debug Overlay

In this overlay, you find three-tab:

  1. Watch Wires; Contains all data wires you are watching.
  2. Breakpoints; This Contains a list of all Breakpoints within this Graph and its subgraph
  3. Instances; A list of all instances of this Graph

Watch Wires

Like in a normal code editor, you can hover over any data wire and observe the values during the execution. If a value changed, it would be red, otherwise white.

This might be cucumber some and difficult for observing multiple wires. This is why you can add them to the watch wire list.

The Watch Wire list will indicate as well if a value has changed. You can also remove them there again and find the node with the find node button.

Keep in mind that this list only works within the current graph instance and its subgraph.


Unlike watching wires which require no extra step, you cannot just add a breakpoint, and it will break immediately since such behaviour could be annoying. You can add breakpoints at any point in time via Right-Click on a node -> Add Breakpoint.

Note: You can only add breakpoints to all nodes besides Event and Query nodes.

To activate the breakpoints, you need to connect to the Simulation by pressing the Connect Button in the Debug Overlay.

(Alternatively, the Breakpoint Overview will inform you that you need to connect to the Simulation)

The moment you are connected, the Simulation will react appropriately, and your breakpoints will happen.

  1. You can disconnect from the Simulation.
  2. You can continue till the next breakpoint hits.
  3. You can Stepover to the next node.