Frequently asked questions

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Do you have a public roadmap?

Yes, you can find the roadmap online on our website: Open Roadmap.

I found a bug, what do I do?

Have you checked: Troubleshooting if you cannot solve your issue with its help you can report a bug here: GitHub issues page

Do you have a Discord server?

Yes, here's an invite link:

What counts as a "user"?

An individual that is using The Machinery as part of their work or working on a team building a game in The Machinery, whether they are a programmer, artist, animator, level designer, etc.

I have multiple machines and platforms, do I need separate licenses?

No, the license is per user. You can use your license on as many different machines and platforms as you like.

Who can use the indie license?

As a company, you can use the indie license for your employees if the total revenue and funding of your company is less than $100K/year. As an individual, you can use the indie license if your total revenue from The Machinery or related work is less than $100K/year.

Can I use the indie license for hobby/side project unrelated to my "day job"?

Yes, you can get an indie license for you as an individual (to use for hobby/side projects) even if you work for a a company that makes more than $100K/year. This license is tied to you as an individual and you may not use it as part of your "day job" work (if you want to do that, you need a Business license). Also, if your side project starts earning more than $100K/year, you will need a Business license for your side project.

Do you offer Academic licenses?

Yes. You can use our Indie Free license for academic purposes. If you are interested in source code access for academic purposes, see our Academic License page.

Do you offer discounts for emerging markets? (South America, Africa, etc.)

We'd like to. If you are located in one of these markets and want to offer us more insight into your needs, please contact us.

Do you offer volume discounts?

We offer pricing for large companies through our Enterprise license. Please contact us.

I'm not sure what pricing structure fits my studio/myself, but I don't consider myself an "Enterprise" can I contact you for a bespoke license?

Yes! We understand some studios and individuals might have different needs regarding what tools they need or even payment plans. Please contact us.

If I get a Pro license just for myself, can I build custom versions of the engine and distribute them to the rest of my team?

No. If you are working on a game as a team, everybody on the team needs to be on the same license. So in this case, everybody would need to be on the Pro license. If you have a loosely organized team with contractors or part-time workers, you need at least one license per full-time equivalent. So if you have 10 people working 50 % on the team, you need 5 licenses.

If I make a game with The Machinery, do I have to keep paying for the license to sell the game?

No. As long as you are actively working on the game (making updates, patches, etc) you need an active license, but you don't need a license just to distribute or sell a game that you are no longer actively working on.

Can I evaluate the engine without buying a license?

Yes, you can download the binary version of the engine and use it for evaluation purposes without obtaining a license. You may not use the engine in production while evaluating it. If you are interested in evaluating the source code, please contact us.

I bought an early adopters license, will I continue to pay the discounted price when my subscription renews?

Yes, as long as you don't cancel your subscription, you will continue to pay the discounted price for the next 5 years.

How does source code access work?

If you buy a license with source code included, you will be given direct access to our GitHub repository which contains all the source code of The Machinery.

To link your GitHub account, enter your GitHub account information on your Profile page. You should get an invite to the repository in a couple of hours.

I signed up for source code but didn't get access.

Make sure your GitHub account is correctly entered on the Profile page. It should be your account name, not your email.

GitHub invites frequently end up in the Spam folder. Check there or go to the repository to see your invite.

Can I sell tools developed using The Machinery APIs?

Yes, you can commercialize any game, tool, application, content, etc created with The Machinery as long as you have a valid license.

Can I sell plugins for The Machinery?

Yes, if you develop your own plugins for extending and enhancing The Machinery, you may sell those plugins for use by others.

Can I blog, stream, and tweet about The Machinery? Can I monetize that work?

Yes, you can make tutorials, videos, screen captures, etc about The Machinery and distribute them for free or sell them for money.

Is there anything I can't sell?

Yes. You can't sell The Machinery itself, a reskin of The Machinery or a game engine/editor built on The Machinery. Anyone using a derivative game engine/editor based on The Machinery would themselves need a The Machinery license.