Import Projects

The Machinery allows to share and remix the content of projects made within the Engine via the import project feature.

Project Import provides an easy way to import assets from one The Machinery project to another. To use it, select File > Import File… and pick a The Machinery project file to import. The project you select is opened in a new Import Project tab and from there, you can simply drag-and-drop or copy/paste assets into your main project’s Asset Browser.

Importing assets from another project.

Importing assets from another project.

When you drag-and-drop or copy-paste some assets, all their dependencies are automatically dragged along so that they are ready to use.

Here is a video showing this in action. We start with a blank project, then we drag in a level from the physics sample and a character from the animation sample, put them both in the same scene, and play:

To make it even easier to share your stuff, we’ve also added File > Import from URL… This lets you import any file that The Machinery understands: GLTF, FBX, JPEG, or a complete The Machinery project directly from an URL. You can even import zipped resource directories in the same way.

For example, in the image below, we imported a Curiosity selfie from NASA (using the URL ) and dropped it into the scene we just created:

JPEG imported from URL.

JPEG imported from URL.

Have you made something interesting in The Machinery that you want to share with the world? Save your project as an Asset Database and upload it to a web server somewhere.

Other people can use the Import from URL… option to bring your assets into their own projects.

Note: Be aware when you download plugins from the internet, they might contain plugin assets. Only Trust them if you can trust the source! More on this See Plugin Assets