tmbuild libs.json Reference

The tmbuild expetcs a libs.json file that descibes what kind of binary dependencies your project has. This file needs to adhere to the scheme described here.


    "name of the libs": {
        "build-platforms": [
            "what platform",
        "lib": "name of the lib zip file",
        "role": "role"
Setting ParameterTypeRequiredDescription
Name of the libJson ObjectYesEach Dependency needs a object with its name.
build-platformsArray of StringsNoArray of build platforms this lib can be used in.
target-platformsArray of StringsNoArray of target platforms this lib supports. Target platforms are platforms that can be used to cross compile your application with tmbuild --platform [platform]
libStringYesThis is the name of the libs' zip file. This will be fetched from tmbuild form the dependency repository.
roleStringYesDescribes the role of the dependency.
repositoryStringNoIn case you want to use a custom repository for your own depdencies you can use this to provide a url. This url can be HTTP or HTTPS. The data should be stored there as zips.
fingerprintStringNoAllows you to provide your own HTTPS fingerprint.